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AbilityFirst Joan & Harry A. Mier Center

AbilityFirst Joan & Harry A. Mier Center

Please help us support AbilityFirst by making a contribution to our Joan & Harry A. Mier Center team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance AbilityFirst's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!

Here's one of many inspiring stories from the JHAMC:

Last summer at the LA State Historic Park, AbilityFirst hosted AbilityFEST. Between carnival games, live entertainment, and food trucks, REAL 92.3 LA hosted a dance competition for attendees. Among these attendees was Malachi, a happy, free-spirited participant who has been a part of the AbilityFirst family for over a decade.

As soon as the competition started, Malachi's love for dancing was evident. Stepping up to the stage in his tie-dye shirt and sunglasses, he started busting out incredible moves in front of over 2,500 people! Malachi first joined AbilityFirst over ten years ago, and worked at the L. L. Frank Work Center in downtown Los Angeles. Recently he enrolled in the ExploreAbility program at the Joan and Harry A. Mier Center in Inglewood. He's been overjoyed by the chance to discover new hobbies, participate in exciting field trips, and hang out with all his friends. Along with more than a dozen other participants in the program,

Malachi has learned how to take the bus on his own and make his own lunch—including his favorites, sandwiches and tacos! The group also recently visited the Soul Food Shack in Inglewood, where Malachi ordered all on his own. When asked how he feels about his ExploreAbility experience, Malachi shares, “I love seeing all my friends every day, dancing, and learning to do things on my own.”


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