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My AbilityFirst Stroll & Roll Fundraising Page

Mike Rossi

Mike Rossi

Stroll & Roll is going virtual!
Children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families need AbilityFirst programs more than ever before. The dollars raised by Stroll & Roll will allow these programs to continue.

Please help me support AbilityFirst by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance AbilityFirst's great cause! Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too.
Together, we can make a difference!


raised of $1,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. SRSue Rossi
Congratulations Mike! See you on Stroll & Roll virtual.
2. PYPat Yauch
3. SYSteve Yauch
4. CYChris Yauch
You got this Mike!
5. KRKen Rossi
Good Luck Mike!!
6. SRSue Rossi
In Memory of Grandma Rossi
Member of

Team AbilityFirst Crown House and Sierra Rose