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My AbilityFirst Stroll & Roll Fundraising Page

Roxana Torres

Roxana Torres

Stroll & Roll is going virtual!

My name is Roxana Torres and my niece is Analise Masatani. She was born with developmental disabilities and deaf. She’s been with AbilityFirst- Glendale Center for 7 years and these programs have helped her with independence, social skills, and development. Our family has attended the annual Stroll & Roll fundraiser every year to support AbilityFirst. This year has been especially challenging for families of individuals with special needs due to the pandemic.

Abilityfirst vision is looking beyond disabilities, focusing on capabilities, and expanding possibilities. To honor my niece and her community, Journey 49 coaching program, family and friends is hosting the first virtual Stroll & Roll fundraiser to help support Analise’s Glendale Center community. Every dollar we raise will advance Abilityfirst’s great cause!

Together we can make a difference!


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