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Lori Gangemi

Lori Gangemi

As a college student, I worked at a pickle factory packing cucumbers and enduring the strongest vinegar smell imaginable. The pay was good, but the job added no meaning to my life beyond the paycheck. I knew from that point forward, I would only work in jobs that helped people.

The values of AbilityFirst are – trust, belonging and personal best.

As I worked my way from pickle packer to CEO I was - and still am - striving to be my personal best. I found at AbilityFirst a sense of belonging and, every day, I place an enormous amount of trust in our staff who work directly with our participants or provide essential support functions.

That’s my AbilityFirst story. I hope you’ll join me in donating $100 or more to AbilityFirst to help our wonderful programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities continue and grow.


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